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Smart Phone Application Testing

At the National Land League, communication and information is very important to us, so we are currently testing a new smart phone application to help assist supporters and members of the League keep up on developments when on the move.

National Land League AppThis is the first version of the application which is designed to work on Android phone only.  Once developed, we will be looking to have this available for IPhones. QR Code

Here is the link to the installation apk file which you can click on to install via your smart phone or alternatively you can scan the QR Code using a smart phone app to download the installation apk file.

National Land League Smart Phone Application

We would appreciate your feedback so please use the contact form on the website, thank you!

Revision/Bug - Information/Updates:

03/02/2015 - 20:57pm - There was a software bug in the Paypal option which was due to a fault in the software vendors program. they are currently looking into this, so for the time being, I have replaced their Paypal widget with my own for now. all you have to do is press the Paypal logo.  If you have the old Paypal option (this will say "Donate Now"), please delete the app from your phone and download the newer version which I have now uploaded.

06/02/2015 - 16:37pm - If anyone is having problems downloading or scanning in the app, we would recommend Firefox as a default browser and QR Code Scanner as your default scanner. See links below:-

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