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March for Our Homes: the first assembly in our capital against eviction and unaffordable mortgages

On the 16th of May people from across Ireland will travel to the Capital to join the first march and rally against evictions and for fair mortgages for everyone. It's been almost seven years since the banking "crash" and there has never been a march or rally in Dublin city highlighting the impact of the calamity on home owners and families around Ireland. March for Our Homes will be a milestone in the growing campaign against evictions and for fair mortgages for everyone.
Assembling at the Garden of Remembrance at 2pm on Saturday the 16th of May, demonstrators will walk to the Central Bank where prominent anti-eviction activists from around Ireland will facilitate a general assembly focussing on progress, tactics and strategies from around the country and how to synchronise our good work, transforming it into long-term goal achievement.
March for Our homes is supported by The National Land League of Ireland, the Hub-Ireland, Anti-Eviction Taskforce, Direct Democracy Ireland, The National Citizen's Movement, the Irish Democratic Party and Integrity Ireland. The movement against evictions and for fair mortgages for everyone has been quietly building under the radar over the last five to six years. Part of the reason for the covert character of the movement is the very emotional nature of the problem  for home owners with most involved activists and volunteers busy providing assistance quietly and respectfully on matters that are very sensitive. A disinterested media has also contributed to the fact that throughout the parishes and towns of Ireland a genuine grassroots movement has grown with little or no attention from or reliance on National and International publications or broadcast stations and channels.
True also is the fact that the movement has been overshadowed by the successful campaign against water charges. Nevertheless, combining the consistant efforts of all of the pro-active contributors across Ireland, much hard work has been done to establish centres for assisting home owners in nearly every county and there is little doubt that at local and regional levels the movement for an end to eviction and for fair mortgages is well and truly grounded and solid. It's time to take it to the next level.
The March for Our homes on May 16th is an opportunity to come together for the first time in the capital city, peacefully and publicly, to demonstrate our demands. It is an opportunity not to be missed. This first march/rally is not expected to attract thousands but it is hoped that all of those who have been contributing much of their time and thought to the campaign and those who have been helped will join the march and will encourage others to do the same. We look forward to seeing you all on Saturday May 16th.

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