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Westmeath Branch Update

hill of Uisneach

Above: The Hill of Uisneach, Co Westemeath, the centre of Ancient Ireland


The Westmeath Branch of the National Land League has been very busy and successful in their campaign against evictions within their localities. Not only are the drop in centres in both Mullingar and North Westmeath (Castlepollard and Fore areas) functioning above expectations, but a new small area/parish branch has been formed on theWestmeath-Cavan borders. All of this is uplifting news, particularly when adjoined to recent positive branch developments in Mayo, Sligo, Leitrim and Roscommon, as well as the fortification of our branches along the Eastern Coast and crossing the border into Down and Armagh.


Below is a debriefing of the latest Westmeath branch meeting in Mullingar which as usual was well attended. Surname's have been hidden for the protection of volunteers...


"We had a very productive meeting again last evening, the main achievement being, we are getting the Westmeath Examiner and Topic Newspapers to print an open letter to the TDs and Councillors.  I have included, further down this email, a copy of same for your information.
Our leaflets continue to be distributed and three of our group will be out this Saturday in Mullingar distributing further leaflets in advance of the next court sitting on May 11th.
March for our Homes on 16th May.  We will be bringing photos of our homes to pin on the railings of the Central Bank.
We will also be bringing some black tull/lace or something similar to tie to the railings to represent the lives lost by suicide as a consequence of the Bankers behaviour.  We have also been thinking of "pinning" some black tull to the doors of the Banks as we walk from Garden of Rememberence to the Central Bank.  They are quite fond of pinning things to our doors so I thought it would be a nice idea to reciprocate the gesture!! What do you think?  Maybe all people on the march could do something similar for maximum effect.
Skills within the Group:  One of our new members, James has been researching Estopple and is pursuing same in his situation so we will ask him to give us a little presentation on what he has learned and how he is using it in his situation.  I know this topic is vast but if its introduced to the group, it sows the seed as a potential option for others who wish to investigate further.
Sandra has made arrangements to go through some of our groups files to seek out breaches of the CCMA, I know this will help take the enormity and overwhelm out of these cases so that will be a help free up peoples energy.
Dermot keeps us updated in matters as they unfold and it generates debate and interest in the group.  As we were meeting, the news of the Governers of the Central Banks resignation came in and we were delighted to see another sign that we are winning the war, little by little!
Tara has developed a leaflet for display on notice boards in public areas where you can tear off the phone no.  Copy attached above also.
The wording of the invitation to local politicians to attend and support home owners at the next sitting of Westmeath Registrar's Court is as follows...
"The Westmeath Branch of the National Land League offers an open invitation to the following local public representatives:
Willie Penrose, 
James Bannon, 
Gabrielle McFadden,
Robert Troy, 
AND Councillors
Cllr. Paddy Hill
Cllr. Frankie Keena Cllr. Aidan Davitt
Cllr. Paddy Hill
Deputy Mayor Cllr. John Shaw
Cllr. Peter Burke
Cllr. Frank McDermott
Cllr. Michael Dollard
Cllr. Una D'Arcy
Cllr. Paul Daly
Mayor Cllr. Ken Glynn
Cllr. Avril Whitney
Cllr. Johnny Penrose
Cllr. Sorca Clarke
Cllr. Andrew Duncan
to attend the Circuit Court in Mullingar on Monday 11th May next from 10.30am to witness what their constituants are experiencing at the hands of the Bankers aided by local Solicitors who are seeking eviction orders of families from their family homes.
The absence or attendance of said TDs and Councillors will be noted.
Queries to Westmeath Land League mobile No. 089 2469827".
Kind regards,"

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