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Northern League Branches Halt Auction of Homes

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Belfast City has played host to the first boycott actions carried out by the Armagh and Down branch of the National Land League of Ireland. The scene of events was in Wilson's Auction House last Thursday night where the home of one League member was up for sale without consent. Ten branch members braved the ice and snow to travel to Belfast with information fliers for would-be-buyers explaining why purchasing the particular lot would not be in their interests. Needless to say the home was not sold.


The Armagh and Down branch of the League was established two months ago and they have had a number of planning meetings and are expected to announce their official launch and the opening of day centres within the next fortnight. The Armagh and Down branch are the first to establish north of the border and already it is looking like they are uniting communities which have historically been divided.


At Wilson's Auction house last Thursday night another home was up for sale without consent, the home of the mother of a well known (recently deceased) sportsperson from Northern Ireland. A group of friends and family of the sportsperson had come to stop the auction of the home which was listed before the sale of the home belonging to the League member. The Armagh/Down branch duly assisted in halting the sale of the first home, after which the sportsperson's friends and family left the auction. Understandably, Armagh and Down branch members were a little miffed that the other group had not stayed on to help stop the sale of the second home belonging to their member.


As the League branch member's home was about to be called, out of the blue the auction doors burst open and in came the group who had left. They explained that they had driven half way home ecstatic at their result and hadn't thought to assist those who had helped them. They about turned their fleet of cars and raced back to Wilson's like the cavalry to the rescue. Both homes were saved last Thursday night, but another result was noted by one of the Armagh members when he said on the way home.."Who would ever have thought that two groups from different sides of the sectarian divide would one day be helping each other to save their homes?"..... The final leg of the journey home was made in silent contemplation about what could be......


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