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Local Solicitors - Watch Them Like Hawks

A shylock
Local Legal Firms Acting like Shylocks 
Most home owners under threat of losing their home will be brought into the local Circuit Courts by their bank if no resolution can be found outside of court. In nearly all of these cases the banks engage major Dublin legal firms to manage the cases, and they in turn farm the cases out to local, and all being said lecherous, solicitors. In the past these firms have been using the local courts like eviction factory lines, making money hand over fist as they evict poor families to the road without a thought. In their haste, and safe in the knowledge that no-one knew or cared, they became so complacent they didn't even bother to attach the relevant paperwork to their applications and a willing body of Registrar's and Judges were apathetic enough to allow such serious ommissions to pass.
Since anti-eviction groups have started to attend the local Registrar's and Circuit courts there is little doubt the local legal firms have been forced to up their game. One particularly noticable change in the behaviours of local Registrar's, and as a result solicitors too, regards the presentation of original mortgage agreement documents to the court, or at the very least certified copies of those documents presented on affidavit. It simply wasn't being done and is only being done now as a result of home owners, with the support of anti-eviction groups, insisting on the presence of such documents in the local courts.
Registrars, it has been noticed of late, are asking for such documents regularly during their case lists (although greater uniformity of procedures would be appreciated). Unfortunately, in too many of those cases (or from our point of view not enough) the solicitors continue to try to dupe the court, taking the chance the Registrar will not ask in their particular case, a game of statistics and numbers in their minds. For homeowners attending the court and willing to speak up this can be a bonus, another opportunity for an adjournment. On the other hand, if the home owner hasn't come to court out of fear and despair, and the Registrar doesn't ask, the local solicitor will have won the dupe and a home will have been lost.
There is an important overall lesson in all of this and that is that the more eyes that are on what local solicitors are doing in and to their communities, the less successful they will be. Attend your local Registrar's court even if your home is not in danger. Your presence improves your community and the lives of others. No prior knowledge is required.

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