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Moneybloom Gloom... Picking up the Pieces

Moneybloom are making the news recently. Apparently, according to media reports, they are now insolvent and furthermore are under investigation regarding fraud. Moneybloom, on the face of it, promoted themselves as an organisation that helped home owners resolve their mortgage debt woes but it would appear in reality were insurance brokers. Clare Dooley, head honcho at the now defunct and disarmed Moneybloom, had been on national radio and even television offering their services for quite some time now and as a result Moneybloom were the referral of choice for most local and national politicians, despite concerns voiced by anti-eviction groups. 
Below.... Clare Dooley (probably not smiling as much these days)
Clare Dooley Moneybloom
Reports from home owners who came to the National League day centres after being let down by Moneybloom are all similar and unnerving: when they went looking for help their finances were assessed and if there was no money for insurance there was no "help", they were simply left in limbo, and that is if they were lucky. Furthermore, homeowners have reported that they were asked for unusual personal information such as mother's maiden names and the likes; their files were "sent" to New Beginning without their consent ("disappeared" may be the better word), and we know what New Beginning have been up to; some home owners on requesting their files were told they had already been returned to them even though earlier they were informed their files were "sent" to new beginning (just a reminder of "disappeared"); in one case home owners were defamed by a senior Moneybloom "executive" when they insisted on the return of their file.
So what do you do now if you were with Moneybloom and they've left you hanging? It might be advisable that if you are in court in the near future you inform the court that you will need a lengthy adjournment to establish exactly how progressed in your case Moneybloom actually were. If you haven't reached the court yet, try to get your file off Moneybloom, but do not pay them for your file (it has been reported to us that some home owners have been asked for E500 in the last week by Moneybloom for their files). They are your files. They have let you down. You have a right to them, that's if they still have them. If you have not received your files within two weeks it may be important that you inform your bank of the problem and that you are now seeking new independent counsel and ask for forbearance and time. Then contact the National Land League of Ireland. Contact details are on the website

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