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Final Arrangements For K-Tech Security Boycott Assembley: Irish Country Music Awards



Various groups have come on board the peaceful Boycott assembly announced by the National Land League of Ireland in December at the Sunday World Irish Country Music Awards, CityWest Hotel. The plurality of the various groups, all committed to a peaceful and dignified assembly to highlight K-Tech Security's involvments in violent evictions and receiverships, is expected to make the event one that will define the Boycott movement into 2015.

The Hub-Ireland are planning a silent, candle-lit vigil to pay respect to the memory of those who have fallen at the hands of their banks. The National Land League plan to support the vigil but also line the road verges to the entrances of the Hotel Complex with supporters carrying simple placards highlighting K-Tech Security's involvement in unlawful and violent evictions and their permanent contract at CityWest Hotel Complex. Says No campaigns throughout the country are expected to attend the event and have set up their own event to counter recent High Court injunctions reported to have been made against a number of individuals, some of whom had been promoting the Boycott assembly.


Supporters of all groups involved and anyone opposed to the violent thuggery practiced by K-Tech against homeowners, farmers and SMEs are expected to congregate at the CityWest Hotel entrances from 5pm onwards on Moday the 26th of Janaury (one day after publication of this article). Both entrances are on the same road separated by approximately 75-100 metres. Entrances are only minutes away from a Luas stop platform.

This is the first National Boycott assembly linked to evictions in 120 plus years. Let's make it work.......

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