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K-Tech Boycott Latest Statement 25/1/15

citywest frontal
                                                     (Above; CityWest Hotel Complex)
High Court injunctions were granted against members of the National Land League of Ireland by Paul Gilligan in the High Court on Thursday evening. The injunctions remove the named members rights to attend a boycott assembly at the Irish Country Music Awards,City West Hotel. The Boycott is aimed at K-Tech who are a permanent feature at the hotel but who also use intimidation and violence when carrying out evictions and receivership work. We are proud to say none of our members made a commitment to the court to relinquish their natural born right to free assembly and free speech. All of our members and supporters salute you.

In the teeth of the injunctions against named members, and despite claims that K-Tech will not be working specifically at the music awards - we were aware of this- but will continue to provide security to the hotel complex, the boycott assembly will be going ahead. There are numerous groups involved in organising the event which promises to be very peaceful but impressive for it. We love country, we don't like asset stripping.... The boycott continues....

Boycott Co-ordination Team

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