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National Land League Kick Off Boycott Campaign In Co. Louth

The National Land League boycott campaign is to be kicked-off in County Louth with local Solicitors in Dundalk being notified over the coming week. The strategy of boycotting began in 1880 when the National Land League urged communities to shun those involved in evictions. The first successful boycott was initiated against Captain Boycott in 1880 in County Mayo.
Captain BoycottThe Louth Land League, whose members attend the County court regularly to assist homeowners, have noted local solicitor firms acting as "agents" for the larger Dublin firms who in turn act on behalf of the banks. In Louth it was observed that not all local firms are acting for the banks, but those that are are effectively speeding up the rate of family home possessions throughout the country, leaving families with no-where to go.

At a recent meeting of the Louth Land League it was agreed that a standard letter be sent to local legal firms from the League requesting that they refuse any business involving applications for possession of family homes. It was also agreed at the meeting that a carrot and stick approach be used, offering public acknowledgement to firms that refuse home possession business; and conversely a boycott on those who continue to prosecute for banks.

Boycott Poster from 1880sLouth Land League have designed an escalating model of boycott, initially beginning with a social media boycott campaign naming & shaming guilty local firms. They will also be named and shamed in our local newsletter boycott page (3,000 distributed last month). If the League's requests are not satisfied within one month, regular, "spontaneous" pickets will be placed at the firms offices and pamphlets distributed into local businesses and households, again naming and shaming the particular firm, and asking that our communities refuse them business. If we are not satisfied at this stage, further boycott actions will be employed (non-violent).

Below is the standard boycott-campaign notice to be delivered to every legal firm in Dundalk town over the coming week.....

                                                     The Louth land League

Re: Introduction Descriptor of the Louth Land League and Request for Solidarity

To Whom It May Concern,

We write as the Louth Land League and in furtherance of decisions made at the most recent meeting of Louth Land League members. It was decided at that meeting that we write to formally introduce the Louth land League to you as a local Legal Firm and to outline the voluntary work we do and our peaceful intentions. It was also decided at that same recent meeting that we communicate to all local Legal Firms a request that you refrain from working on behalf of banks/financial institutions seeking “Possession Orders” on family homes.

The Louth Land League was established five months ago and is affiliated to The National Land League, but retains all decision making powers at a local level. The central objective of the League in County Louth is to assist and support homeowners at risk of losing their homes through mortgage debt collection processes, from the point that home owners fall into arrears, throughout the MARP and negotiation stages, to prosecution by lenders and enforcement by agents of the Courts accompanied by private security personnel.

To this end we have amassed a sizable body of knowledge in terms of building the confidence and skills in people to defend themselves. Our assistance is manifest in regular public and member meetings, correspondence workshops, Mckenzie be-friending, educational programmes, a monthly newsletter (3,000 copies distributed locally in November) and so on. Our belief is that our assistance not only addresses the practical elements of defending the home, but also the stress, depression and anxiety felt by so many that are brought before our courts by lending institutions.

Accompanying the educational and advocacy functions of the Louth Land League, we are also pro-active in our efforts to dissuade national and local firms from assisting lending institutions throughout the “Possession” process. We include in our list of firms: Legal professionals and firms; security companies; Locksmiths; Estate Agents and Receivers. Our efforts in this regard are entirely peaceful and rely upon a strategy of initially negotiating with the identified professionals and firms, and where negotiation fails, mounting an escalating, peaceful boycott centred on the question:-

“Do you want the long term business of your community or short term, morally degenerate trade from the “repossession” industry?”

We do not wish or expect that you receive this correspondence as a threat, veiled or otherwise. It is simply a notice to the effect that we are communicating with all local Legal Firms requesting that they desist from engaging in work that involves the prosecution of applications for possession of family homes. Those firms which do accept such business will be boycotted. All firms that refuse such work will be promoted. Boycotting involves publicising non-conforming firms as profiting from eviction, and a call for the public to provide their local legal business to firms that are not engaged in the prosecution of homeowners.

Although we do not expect or require a response to this correspondence, replies are welcome and may be sent to our email address (see header). Louth Land League court observers are mandated by the Louth Land League to identify legal firms in compliance and non-compliance with our request.

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