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The first steps to addressing your arrears

The first steps to addressing your arrears


  • The Number One mistake that people make when falling into debt is to not communicate with the bank. If you fail to communicate you are automatically deemed uncooperative. If this fact is presented to a Judge into the future, he/she may not look too kindly on your case. On the other hand, by responding to letters, finding out what your rights are and defending yourself, you create a paper trail that will be in your favour.

  • It is understandable that many if not most people, full of fear and anxiety as they are due to debt, do not respond to banking letters. Many people feel they do not have the education and that the banks will always get what they want no matter what. This is of course far from the truth as most people with a little help can take control and regain their lives again. 

  • The National Land League of Ireland is here to help by providing you with workshops on how to read and respond to bank correspondence. There is no charge for the workshops which are taking place throughout Ireland over the coming months. Please call the dedicated National Land League phone number to find out when drop in clinics and workshops being in your area (0894740811). If you would like to assist in your local area, call us and we can provide you with the training and confidence to make a difference.


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