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Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of the National Land League of Ireland today are no different to that of the 1880s, namely "Fair Mortgages, Fixity of Occupation, and Freedom of Sale". We in the National Land League believe that in achieving the 3 Fs we will do more than prevent mass eviction over the coming number of years. We believe that by acheiving fair mortages for everyone, not just those in arrears, the domestic economy will be buoyed naturally by the increase in disposable income. It is for this reason that it is a national imperative that people of every background, irrespective of their current mortage status, get involved in the National Land League of Ireland. Save people, save the economy, save Ireland....

In terms of our strategy, we engage in a two pronged approach. We make every effort to assist people in correspondence with lending institutions, and court cases where banks seek Orders for Possession of the family home/farm. To this end we are rolling out across the country drop-in clinics, day-centres, workshops, and regular support meetings.

We understand addressing people's immediate administrative needs alone will not solve the emergency that is mass mortgage arrears. We understand that this will only help by neutralising the courts system whilst we build a nation wide campaign strong enough to influence legislative changes and an across the board, personal write down of debt for every homeowner in the country. This is the only fix to what is a major, but unspoken, crisis. If homeowners, farmers and small business people are to be freed of the anxiety and stresses of unmeetable debt, if the tills of our small and medium enterprises are to ring once again, across the board write down must occur.

The  National Land League of Ireland asks that you assist in whatever way you can to make our national strategy work. For more information on how you can help, please use the "contact us" link or telephone contacts in the "your local branch" link on the home page.  

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