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About the National Land League Of Ireland...

This page outlines what the National Land League of Ireland is about...



"The National Land League of Ireland, established through the ratification of this Constitution by the members of the Provisional Committee, has been formed in response to the mass application for possession of family homes in the Courts of the Island of Ireland by financial companies and entities, and their intention to evict hundreds of thousands of Citizens upon the Island from their homes.


The National Land League of Ireland is a  natural cultural response by the people of the Island of Ireland to the threat of mass evictions and is rooted in our unique history of self determination and community self-defence, most effectively illustrated by the work and achievements of the National Land League of Ireland first established in 1879 and led by Charles Stewart Parnell, Michael Davitt et al.


Through membership of The National Land League of Ireland, the people living on the Island of Ireland pledge to rid our communities and the Island of extortion by financial institutions and bring to an end the practice of evicting Irish men, women and children from their homes because of their inability to pay their mortgage."



The Land League has established branches all over Ireland from Armagh and South Down, to Mayo, Meath, Louth and Monaghan, to name but a few. Although the branches are autonomous and independent, they share core objectives and agree on a general strategy to implement change.

An Eviction in 1800s Ireland

The objectives of the land League are primarily to keep families in their homes and safe from home "repossession" by banks, We also assist small farmers and business people to protect their life-times work. We campaign for the realisation of the 3 Fs (Fair mortgages for all; Fixity of Occupation; Freedom of Sale).


As a national league, we also recognise the other great injustices put upon the people of Ireland over the last number of years. Injustices such as the bailing out of banks, the give-away of our natural resources, and the privatisation of vital services. We stand together with and pro-actively support other campaigns against injustice and for change in Ireland.


In terms of our strategy, we engage in a two pronged approach. We make every effort to assist people in correspondence with lending institutions, and court cases where banks seek Orders for Possession of the family home/farm. To this end we are rolling out across the country drop-in clinics, workshops, and regular support meetings.


We understand addressing people's immediate administrative needs alone will not solve the emergency that is mass mortgage arrears. We understand that this will only help by neutralising the courts system whilst we build a nation wide campaign strong enough to influence legislative changes and an across the board, personal write down of debt for every homeowner in the country. This is the only fix to what is a major, but unspoken, crisis. If homeowners, farmers and small business people are to be freed of the anxiety and stresses of unmeetable debt, if the tills of our small and medium enterprises are to ring once again, across the board write down must occur.


Link Below: Dr. Finbar Markey of the National Land League of Ireland outlines the national strategy during the launch of the Louth branch, February 2015...


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